RF Bocephus 5027

Bohannon x Stealth 7515
48th National Reserve Grand Champion Bull
2016 American Royal Champion Bull

Ms Duchess 631

Bohannon x RF Ms Duchess 030
48th National Reserve Junior Calf Champion Female
Calf Champion MO State Fair
Reserve Champion Division II 2016 American Royal

Sweet Breeze 642

Bohannon x RF Ms Sweet Breeze 322
Reserve Calf Champion MO State Fair
Class Winner 2016 American Royal
Owned by the Harward Sisters, North Carolina

RF Ms Stealth 557

Bohannon x Stealth 964
4th Overall Champion Owned Female 2016 Charolais Junior Nationals
48th National Senior Calf Champion Female
Louisville Senior Calf Champion Female
Raised by Ridder Farms
Shown by Whitney Walker, Ark.
Placed by Campbell, Paulsen, Holtkamp & Henley

Monopoly x RF Ashlee 15Z

(Dam was raised and sold by Ridder Farms)
Oklahoma Youth Expo Supreme Champion Influenced Heifer
Grand Champion Percentage Charolais Heifer
Bred by Darrell Scott
Shown by Carlee Clark

RF Ms Stealth 5021

Calf Champion at the 2015 Missouri State Fair.
She is a Bohannon daughter.  She will sell in our Ridder Farms Family Values Sale on November 28

RF Bocephus 5027 ET

Bohannon x Stealth 7515
#6 2016 Show Bull of the Year
National Champion Bull Calf @ NAILE & Bull Calf Champion @ Kansas City & Denver

RF Southern Spice 402

Reserve Junior Calf Champion
National Show - Kansas City at the Royal
Sells as Lot 4 in the 2014 Showgirls Sale

RF Ms Stealth 46A

Sells as Lot 1 in 2013 Showgirls Sale
2013 American Royal Reserve Spring Calf Champion Female

WC RF WIA Ms Turbo 3402

Sold in 2013 American Royal Ten Grand Sale to JVS Charolais
2013 American Royal Reserve Junior Calf Champion Female
Flushmate to Lots 13A and 13B in 2013 Showgirls Sale

RF Greta 96Z

High Seller in 2012 Showgirls Sale to C&H Cattle
2013 National Junior Calf Champion
2013 Junior National Division 5 Champion
2013 Grand Champion Female Missouri State Fair
2013 American Royal Senior Champion Female

WIA-DC Ms Vanessa

Sold in 2012 Showgirls Sale to Matthew Owings 2013 Missouri Cattleman's Show Reserve Grand Champion Female 2013 Missouri State Fair Junior FFA Grand Champion Female

CCR Cici 53P

High Seller in 2011 Showgirls Sale to Umbaugh Charolais
2011 National Show Class Winner

WIA Ms Mogo's Preview 522

Sold in 2011 Showgirls Sale to Bar J and Mogo Charolais 2012 Reserve Grand Champion Female at Iowa State Fair

RF Ms Bud 123 P

Sold in 2011 Showgirls Sale to Matt Loggains Winner of several Arkansas Jackpots

RF X-Rated 073

Sold in 2011 Showgirls Sale to Rebecca Mallett 2011 American Royal Breeder's Classic Reserve Grand Champion Bull

RF Carnac Y24

Sold in 2011 Showgirls Sale to Ty Dybdal
Winner of several steer shows in Nebraska

RF Dakota Y20 P

Sold in 2011 Showgirls Sale to Rebecca Mallett
Winner of several local county shows and jackpots